We Fix it For Free

RudeTech will fix anything we make for FREE, even if you aren’t the original owner. We stand behind our work, so you can ride it to the moon and back.

In a previous life, the brains behind our singular chorus pedal was an aerospace engineer, so the folks at RudeTech do some crazy stuff to make sure things never break. Which makes sense, because if you shoot a satellite (or a human) into space, you really, really don’t want it (or the jet-propelled passenger rocket) to fail.

While pedal failure may not be quite as catastrophic as a rocket failure, we apply the same engineering principles and quality assurance protocols to all RudeTech products. Everything is designed to last and while some mechanical parts may wear out over the course of normal use, RudeTech has you covered.


  • The RudeTech pedal must have failed during the course of normal use. (So don’t go dropping it off a building or throwing it into a lake just to see what’s going to happen.)
  • Do not attempt to modify your pedal or fix it yourself. We will restore your chorus to its original state, but you will be charged a standard repair bench fee.
  • Owner pays all shipping costs.

To send your RudeTech pedal back to Nashville for repairs, complete this form. We’ll be in touch within 72 hours with instructions on shipping and additional information. If you don’t hear from us resubmit the form or email us directly at


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